Welcome to your first yoga class!

We believe that anyone can do yoga and we are happy to support you in your practice.  Here are some guidelines and suggestions that you may find useful to begin your practice. 

What to bring/wear: We provide our students with all the props you need to get started, including mats. You may want to bring water.  It is best to wear flexible and comfortable clothing. You can dress in layers as you will warm up and then cool down.  Before starting your practice please remove any watches, belts and any jewelry which may interfere with movement. Please leave your shoes in our front foyer. We ask that you silence your cell phone while you are attending class.

Health Considerations:  If you are under a doctor’s care, have any specific health concerns or have recently had surgery, please let our teachers know.   We pride ourselves in our team of well trained and experienced teachers who can modify and accommodate most injuries. If you are pregnant, please inform your teacher so they may offer appropriate modifications to your practice. 

Practice & Attendance: Regular class attendance is highly recommended.  We suggest that you practice at least once a week to maintain the benefits of yoga.  To fundamentally shift your body and mind, we recommend practicing at least three times a week and develop a home practice.

We encourage you to arrive 10 -15 minutes before your first class to fill out the registration form. Arriving a few minutes early before each class gives you time to relax and get settled.  Feel free to ask our teachers any questions before or after classes.


I’m a beginner. Which class is good for me?

We offer Gentle and Gentle Therapeutic classes daily.  We periodically offer a Basics/Beginner’s Series. If you are physically active you are welcome to begin with our Moderate class.

If you have questions about your specific situation, please feel free to call us to get a recommendation for which classes would suit you best.

I have injuries, can I still do Yoga?

Yes! Our Yoga practices can be modified to accommodate most injuries. If you are coming into a group class, please inform your instructor if you have any health considerations. We suggest booking a private session to tailor your practice to your specific conditions. We have dedicated teachers trained specifically for therapeutic movement who help you find ease in movements.

Do I have to pre-register? Our classes have open enrollment so there is no need to register. However, all our series classes and many of our workshops require that you pre-register. If you are unsure of whether something requires registration, feel free to ask  the front desk or gives us a call!